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Shakespeare's stuff

The Globe Theatre

The globe theatre was built by Shakespeare

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From 1599 onwards shakespeares plays where performed at the globe theatre, it was a huge open roofed,circular theatre. It was in Southwark, London. The theatre could hold up to 3000 people and there where often 2 performances a day. The stage was in the centre of the circle and was connected to 1 side. There was a ceiling over the stage called a shadow or heavens, it was painted with a moon, a sun and stars. It would also protect the actors from the rain. Since the theatre was unlighted the only light was from the sun, because of this most performances where in the afternoon. in 1613 a spark from the cannon during a play lit the thatched roof and it burnt down. It was then rebuilt and reopened a year later. It was built with a tiled roof so that it would not burn down again.  It was then torn down in 1044 in the civil war. It was then rebuilt again by actor Sam Wanamaker in 1970, although it is the same size safety regulations only allow for 1500 people to veiw the shakespearien plays.

Knight Pointing Right
Knights where around when shakespeare was alive

an introduction to shakespeare for "lil kids"